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September 8th, 2021

Susan and I have lived at 163 Country Aire for 25 years, we have a problem, with the woman living next door.

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The problem started shortly after she moved in

Susan and I installed a chain-link fence between the properties years before she arrived. She insisted in growing plants into the chain link. There are no windows on that side of her house

You can't grow plants in a chain link fence, it is hazardous to maintain, fills in your yard and eventually destroy the fence. We argued. I removed her plants.

She installed a hedge.

A few years later the hedge ruined the fence.

In 2020 I agreed to pay to have the hedge trimmed to the top of the fence. I hired someone and he trimmed everything in her back yard but, she refused to let him trim the hedge.

It cost me $400. This is what it looks like today (2020)


For my neighbor, the fence is the hill where she has made her stand.

Dining Room

Since she could not grow plants in my fence, she found a way to destroy the fence anyway.


Now it is just plain ugly.

June 29, 2014

Deborah :

Susan and I have been happy to share the fence on our property with you and our adjacent neighbors. There has never been a problem before. Now there is. Susan and I have repeatedly requested that you not grow plants in the chain-link section. The other day I again requested that you not grow plants in the link chain fence between our yards. During our conversation, I noticed that you were training a clematis that Susan had specifically told you not to grow in the fence. Upon reflection I realized that you were not prepared to be reasonable, so I removed the plants before they destroyed the fence and filled in our yard.

After contacting the city, your response was to pile up garbage along the side of your house leading to a heated exchange between us during which threats and insults were exchanged.

I strongly urge you to consider contacting your brother, sister or another family member to drop by so that I can suggest an alternative to the current situation.

As you can see from these recent photos, the passage in your yard (right) is already almost completely blocked and the plants in the fence (were) growing into our yard.

Deborah; don’t run into darkness in your golden years.

I can be contacted at 250-XXX-NNNN

163 Country Aire