the common pane

issues we all commonly suffer

part of the Icarus Flyby Series

Screaming into the void

On Common Ground

Today, as we consider the world around us, we are faced with seeing ourself in a mirror of others all around the world.  Others, not like us until we zoom in and find that they look just like us . People making their way.   Suddenly Ukraine matters because what I see, could be me.  Suddenly we see the risk of Russia: unintentional consequences 

The loudest voices draw our attention to our differences.  The quiet voices draw our attention to what we have in common.

unintentionally I have become one of them

what we have in common is winning.  has in fact already won.  this would be a great time to create a global democracy.  we have the technical ability to do so.

change occurs at the boundaries of a system in a state of agitation

One things on my bucket-list is to build a prototype of the fluxCapacitor as described at Icarus Flyby and the Flux Capacitor